Dawda K. Pouncy, DNP

A committed healthcare professional, passionate about health awareness, working tirelessly to promote the benefits of a preventative approach for family health and raise awareness of health activities.

Dr. Dawda

as many know her, has been involved in healthcare practice for over 14 years. She is passionate about health awareness, working tirelessly to promote the benefits of a preventative approach for family health and raise awareness of health activities.

Her journey in healthcare began at the University of Oklahoma, where she obtained her BSN, after which she practiced as an NICU RN in Dallas, Texas. It was this experience, and in particular her experiences working with families in Dallas that convinced Dr. Dawda that health promotion and prevention for families were where she wanted to focus.

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Dr. Dawda’s Bio Continued

To achieve the impact that she wanted, Dr. Dawda knew that she needed to continue her education, pursuing a Master of Science in Nursing from Texas Woman’s University. This opened up new opportunities, and Dr. Dawda was able to extend her experience, practicing in a number of different environments, including Family Practice, Urgent Care, Wellness Clinics, Aesthetics, Home Health, and Infusion Therapy. This experience allowed her to gain more than medical experience, but again allowed her to see the reality of healthcare for patients of all kinds and recognize that to make real change, she needed to refine her own leadership skills.

That insight drove Dr. Dawda to the Maryville University of St. Louis, where she obtained her Doctorate in Nursing Practice, allowing her to take on the challenges that healthcare practitioners and patients face today.

The Doctor is Board Certified with the American Academy of Nurse Practitioner Association, a member of Sigma Theta Tau International, and North Texas Nurse Practitioner Association. In addition, she is Certified through the American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery in IV Nutritional Therapy, including practical experience throughout the training process.

Because she believes in constant improvement, even today her medical studies continue, and has recently begun training, and recognized as a candidate for, Functional Medicine. This commitment to healthcare and constantly refining and improving her skills is why Dr. Dawda is recognized today for her accomplishments.

Realizing that to truly change attitudes to health and make a difference to as many lives as possible, Dr. Dawda has taken time to serve as a mentor and preceptor for students across all facets of healthcare. She believes that this investment in time, energy and belief in a new generation of healthcare professionals is essential for long-term healthcare improvement for everyone. To further this aim, Dr. Dawda also works as adjunct Faculty for Chamberlain College of Nursing.
Such is her commitment to healthcare, she has appeared in Who’s Who for Healthcare providers on an International level, being recognized for her valuable contribution to the promotion of health today. Her continued efforts to ensure families receive the health guidance they need has seen her appear in various media, including TV interviews, where her message of the importance of prevention and wellness continue to make a difference to people’s lives.


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